How to Find Out the Best BBQ Pork in NYC

You may have heard that BBQ pork is in short supply in NYC right now.The good news is that the city has a huge amount of quality pork to choose from, and you can enjoy delicious, tender and flavorful meats in a delicious and affordable way.Here’s what you need to know to know about the city’s pork.1.The NYC Pork Industry […]

Why we should be worried about the high fat, high sugar diet

If you’re wondering how to cut your risk of obesity and diabetes, you might want to start by avoiding high-fat foods like cheese, margarine and butter.They’re high in saturated fats, and are associated with increased risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers.And as for those sugars, there’s a whole bunch more out there that’s just as bad […]

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