‘We are here to serve’ food allergy test: How a vegan bakery is testing customers to help with food allergy symptoms

A vegan bakery in Brighton, England, has been testing customers for food allergies. The test, called Food Allergy Testing, was developed by a team of doctors and food allergies experts. “We believe that there is a need to educate the public on food allergies and how to recognise symptoms and treatments,” a spokesperson for the Bake Off Food Allergen Testing Lab told […]

Nutro Dog Food | Nutro Dogs Stock: Can’t wait for Nutro to return

NutroDog.com has officially launched its NutroDogs.com.com, an all-new, exclusive Nutro dog nutrition site that will include Nutro’s most popular dog foods, and the NutroPets brand of dog food that includes the Nutros Nutro-Boson and NutroTofu Dogfoods.Nutro has partnered with PETA and The Humane Society of the United States to bring the site to life, and Nutros Dogfood is now available […]

‘Super Bowl of all foods’: What to expect from the food industry in 2017

Food industry figures show the world’s top 10 food giants spent an average of US$3.27 billion on marketing and advertising during the Super Bowl 2017, which is set to take place in Miami, Florida.The most expensive Super Bowl commercial, by far, was by the Coca-Cola Company, with an average spend of US $3.1 billion.The Coca-Colas most expensive commercial was the […]

Which grocery stores are still struggling with the food stamp crisis?

When it comes to food stamps, Florida has become a hotbed of controversy, and it seems there’s more than one issue at play.Here are the five biggest problems facing Florida, according to food stamp advocates.1.Florida doesn’t have a clear food stamp policyOne of the biggest problems with Florida’s food stamp program is that there is no single policy.The program is […]

Which keto foods are safe and which are not?

The ketogenic diet is a dietary plan for people with certain genetic disorders that include a deficiency in fatty acids.The diet, which is commonly recommended by health care professionals, was created to improve glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity, and it has been widely promoted as a weight-loss and weight-control tool.But it has also been associated with a number of serious […]

The best food in the world is a chicken and rice dish

A meal at the Kilkenny restaurant in Ireland’s capital city of Dublin.Photo: Joe Armao/Photocall Ireland/Flickr.com.auDublin’s Kilkennies restaurant is a foodie Mecca, with a range of classic European and Irish dishes, including a chicken parm and a roast beef dish, as well as a vegetarian option and even a vegan option.Dublin has a history of culinary excellence, but Kilkonenys is the […]

‘A bit of a pain’: Vegan food blogger is forced to ‘suffer’ after backlash

By JENNY JOHNSON, Staff WriterThe vegan food blogger was one of a handful of celebrities who took to social media to share their experiences at a protest last week in New York City over an executive order requiring meat and dairy products to be labeled as “vegan.”It was a moment that could have been seen as a major turning point […]

Why some of the food wars in spanish have gone viral

The food wars of 2016 are back, and they’re getting bigger than ever.The latest is the Spanish word for ‘hot’ food, spanish hot food, and it has been used to describe many of the hottest foods from across the country in recent months.It’s a term used to denote the dish you’ve been served at a pub, a takeaway, or on […]

How to cut the fat from your diet

How much fat is good?It depends.But if you want to lose weight and stay slim, it’s wise to keep your carbs down.This is where things get interesting.Fat is a key ingredient for good health.The more carbohydrates you have in your diet, the higher your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and many other chronic conditions.But even low-carb dieters who are mindful […]

How to make a food desert

Food deserts are often a byproduct of climate change, but their effects are becoming more pronounced.New research by researchers at Harvard University and the University of California, Berkeley suggests that they could be creating new food webs and shifting the landscape of agriculture in the US.The paper is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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